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The Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mt. Brook has announced donating $15,740.00 to Children's of Alabama for their pediatric patients awaiting surgery. Their patients are often, and understandably, coping with high levels of anxiety while preparing for a procedure. Other top pediatric hospitals have demonstrated that providing young patients with an iPad during the most stressful moments before an operation (when a child says goodbye to the parents and when the anesthetic mask is put on) helps comfort the child with the use of age-appropriate apps. Reducing anxiety leading up to surgery could result in the patient needing less medication therefore helping them recover faster.

Children's of Alabama performs more than 20,000 surgeries per year. Their goal with this program is to provide every child awaiting surgery use of an iPad. This will allow Children's to show each child a video about what is going to take place that day and provide games and cartoons to watch while preparing for surgery at the hospital. The iPads will also be used during the recovery period immediately after surgery.

The donated funds by the Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mt. Brook will pay for the iPads, a MacBook for syncing the iPads, 2 locking cabinets and waterproof cases and tracking devices for each iPad. Children's of Alabama has 4 ORs in the Lowder Building with the potential for two more in 2017. Children's South has 6 ORs.

The Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mt. Brook will be recognized on the back of each iPad on an engraved plaque. Each family receiving the use of these iPads will know the contributor of these impactful gifts.